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Hamster Cage
Kaytee Critter Trail Primary Starter Habitat

The expandable design allows the habitat to grow with your pet. Attach CritterTrail tubes and even entire habitats to create the home of your pet's dreams! Front and top doors provide easy pet access at all times. 6mm wire spacing keeps pets safe and secure inside. Great for mice, dwarf hamsters, hamsters and gerbils.


Heat Lamp
Zoo Med Nano Halogen Heat Lamp

The Zoo Med Halogen Heat Lamp is a crisp, white basking light that also provides heat to support your reptile's thermo-regulation. Halogen technology increases the burn life resulting in fewer replacements and money saved!


Zoo Med Repti Fresh Odor Eliminating Substrate 8lbs

Repti Fresh will stimulate natural digging and burrowing behaviors. Easy to maintain - can last up to 12 months before having to replace. Zoo Med's ReptiFresh Odor Eliminating Substrate is a natural mineral substrate.

Our Monthly Pet Spotlight


Recommended for ages 4 years and up, with adult supervision
HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years
From Tails to Scales
Pet Supply

Monthly Spot Light

Hermit Crab


Hermit crabs are adorable starter pets for kids. They are highly sociable with each other and play together all the time. With proper care, your purple pincher hermit crabs might live for up to 20 years.

Monthly Pet Spotlight

Hermit Crab

Not Really Hermits

Hermit crabs usually like to mingle with other hermit crabs and play around on beaches. They do this while scavenging for food together. You should make sure that they can take part in similar activities inside their crabitats. Several hermit crab toys and habitat centerpieces are available to give them new objects to climb on and interact with.

Monthly Pet Spotlight
Hermit Crab
Carrying Home on Their Back

Your purple pincher hermit crabs will come with thoroughly cleaned and polished shells. There will be enough room inside the shell for them to retreat into. Eventually, they will undergo molting and grow bigger. Then they will need a bigger shell to occupy. For this purpose, we provide an extra, larger shell.

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