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About From Tails To Scales

A Passion

We’ve always cared about all life on the planet and have always been willing to help in any way that we could.
We’ve volunteered at our local shelters and have helped in many charitable events throughout the years. Including “Extra Life”, “Plant a Tree”, and cleaning up of trash in many wildlife areas. 


About From Tails To Scales

An Understanding

Our love of earth helped to grow our love for all animals and not just the furry well-known ones.
We started noticing that many people were buying exotic animals, not understanding their maintenance requirements, and then wanting to carelessly dispose of them. 
We are now a pet supply for Reptiles, Small Pets, Fish, Birds, Dogs, and Cats.


About From Tails To Scales

Our Fiona

Our first animal was a Bearded Dragon, whom we named Fiona. She was a failed breeding project for a young fellow who was in over his head and wanted to dispose of her. We brought her in and noticed she was very weak and had several cuts and injuries along with being full of parasites and worms.

We took her to the vet, and after multiple rounds of antibiotics and de-wormer she was brought back to full health. She is now 3 years old and she’s a big girl.  

About From Tails To Scales

From Tails to Scales is Born

After Fiona and word of mouth, we began getting messages and calls from people begging us to take in an animal for one reason or another. This led to us acquiring 25 animals.

My wife and I were eating dinner one night and I mentioned we should get the proper paperwork with the state so we could begin buying our supplies in bulk in order to save money… and so, From Tails to Scales was born.


About From Tails To Scales

The Pet Supply

We started selling supplies to help pay for the care and vet visits of the many animals we were bringing in. And are currently partnered with many of the large retailers to keep this dream going.

We receive calls daily to rescue these animals, so we are hoping that by expanding we will be able to grow and bring in more and more.

Reptile Food

About From Tails To Scales

Our Gentler Approach

So far, From Tails to Scales is currently housing and caring for more than 30 different types of animals from different areas and backgrounds. We work regularly with the aggressive ones to calm and make friendly again.

Our goal is to grow our business, helping both local animals that are in need, along with other organizations. 

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